Ethio CGC October 2013

The Ethiopian Covenant Gospel Church (ECGC) is formed by a willing commitment to what we learn from the Word of God and a desire to commune with one another in the unity of the Spirit. Our identity and unity is created through the word of God and the Spirit of Jesus Christ who is dwelling in every single believer. Jesus Christ is the only single reason for our shared life and fellowship. Our unity is the unity of light and life that is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

The foundation of ECGC’s existence and its purpose is found in the Person of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Church’s aspiration and desire is none other than to present itself as the body and bride of it Savior. Through the sanctifying Blood, the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of the Gospel we gain our faith and strength and a holy desire to live for our redeemer.

The Church’s name is a reflection of the medium of language and culture through which it is conducting its worship and services. The Church’s identity is not formed from our collective ethnic or culture .Our life and the faith that we practice is expressed and reflected in and through the language and the culture we are bounded to live.
We are a community of the Cross. We are formed by its message. We are shaped by its power. We are inspired by its mystery. We are humiliated by its love. The message of the Cross is Jesus Christ who died on it. We gain our faith from the message of the Cross. Our spiritual life is formed and shaped by its truth and power. We are motivated by the passion of the Cross. The Cross is the place where the power of evil is defeated. The Cross authorizes and qualifies us to participate in the resurrection life of Jesus Christ. We harmonize our services and ministry with the message of the Cross. The Word of the Cross is our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ the Eternal King.
We kindly extend to you the love of our God through Jesus Christ our Lord. If you are interested to hear the message of the cross, come and dine with us the bread of life from the eternal Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In His Service,
Tesfaye Haile